How to make something taste like egg?

Or more specifically, how to make your scrambled tofu taste like scrambled eggs?

The trick is Kala Namak black Indian salt.

When ground it’s actually more pink than black, but how it looks like doesn’t really matter, it’s the taste we’re looking for and that one is very interesting. It smells and tastes like egg and that is not just a hint, it is a full on eggy, almost unpleasant odour. The taste is very intense and I would say even more salty than regular salt.

Because of that, I only use it when specifically looking for eggy flavour so it works magic in scrambled tofu and can fool many egg lovers.

You can easily find it online or in health food stores/exotic cuisine stores and it’s not too expensive. I paid 5 pounds for a 500g package that I bought a year ago and haven’t managed to use half of it yet.


Julia X


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